get paid or pay your way anywhere, anytime, with no barriers
powerful, mobile, secure, reliable, verified, simple tool to receive and send money your way
No subscription fees, we go as you do.
NO additional bank acc & NO extra app or gadget
redeggs simply works
we are ?
We are a team that has experience in the field of payment systems, banking systems, loyalty projects, and for the last several years intensively dedicated to developing the concept of simple banking and payments. more about us >>
we do?
We run platform for easy mobile payments. We name it ILQ (I LOVE Q). Simple banking. The platform is independent and open. how to get ILQ >>
why it
It matters because people should drive their money, not vice versa.

No bank + No application. more about our approach >>
the power of us in your hands.
for individuals
It could not be easier. If you want pay using ILQ, just do it. It is already installed and on (cause there is no application, no registration, etc.) in your mobile phone. Just scan QR code wherever you see ILQ mark. Than follow instructions on your mobile. You are welcome!
for businesses
If you want receive money through ILQ system, you are welcome. You do not need nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just contact us please at
for licencors
We provide business segment licences to operate ILQ payment system. For example we licensed United Transport Company to run ILQ payments for segment of parking and transportation in a region of Czech Republic. For further information pls do not hesitate to contact us at
more you might like to know
Pepe Rafaj, CEO
Spoluautor myšlenky ILQ.
Jan Palka, konzultant
Konzultant v oblasti IT
Jan Kremláček, CBO
Idea a brand maker Red Eggs, ILQ.
Stana Kimball, partner
Česko-americká investorka Red Eggs.
Jan Vaculík, partner
Partner a mentor společnosti Red Eggs.
There is no application that you have to download and install. It simply works. Simply wherever you see signage “we accept ILQ”, point your mobile QR reader to the QR code and that is it. You do not need to do anything more.

It is really up to you which QR reader you use humly we suggest these:
Pepe, tell us please more about your view of this world, universne, Chuck Norris, and everything. And, please, do not answer just 42, it’s not enought for this moment.
for any kind of contact, please refer to information below.
general contact:

investor opportunities:

for businesses:
for licensors: